About Us

HIGHLXRY  ("HIGH-LUXURY") is a high-end streetwear brand based out in Oregon. The founder/creator is a small town individual Born and raised in the Walla Walla Valley. Hip Hop/Rap was always his taste as he was born into it and always been creative and artsy as he got older. Fashion/Style has always been his thing so starting up his own clothing brand in a natural organic way was his stars aligning.
Our supporters are go getters, people who follow their dreams and don't care what people think or say & still push through the pressure. The whole idea came from his passion in fashion/clothes, instead of buying all these expensive brand names why not make my own dope shit at a affordable price for others. So after weeks and weeks of brainstorming on a clothing line he finally took the beginning steps of creating a brand he can call his own.
The clothing brand was created in mind back in late 2012 and released the first drop early 2013. The Meaning "HIGHLXRY" is pretty much self explanatory but to touch up on that a little it's short for HIGH LUXURY. We're all into the luxurious material things but we didn't grow up rich, This brand is for those still wanting quality streetwear at an affordable level. We just dont focus on the materialistic side of it but also mentally & spiritually, We're here for those who are dream chaser, People who are trying to make sumn outta nothing. Even tho we aint rich we still have a HIGHLXRY mind! 
We all got the power to make our dreams a reality so we try to push that message to the world.
The owner holds passion and ambition to turn this brand into one of the most underrated clothing line in the scene. Things he’s hands on with are graphic designs - marketing - (some) photo shoots - business - printing - sewing - (some) video editing.., the list goes on.
HIGHLXRY isn't for everybody, It's for the culture. if you ask yourself what culture then this brand may not be for you. But if it appeals to you feel free to cop and be ready for compliments.
He's got Lil Mosey, Larry June, TYuSAshleyAllDay, Indyamarie, Nessly, Cassow, Mark Battles, Franky Danks (Shoreline Mafia) and other names to sport HIGHLXRY. They acknowledge the dopeness of the designs so they support and show love to the brand. Our goal is just to continue to make dope threads for ya'll to wear and be proud to own and flex in.
Nothing makes us happier than to see a customer take photos of their HIGHLXRY threads and tag us in it. He may end up showing love back buy posting it upon his personal sites. We'd like for ya'll to fuck wit us and turn this brand into the hottest underground street wear nation wide. Grow with us it!
Thank you all for taking the time out to read this, we hope you join the wave and spread the game. You can contact us at highlxry@gmail.com for any questions.